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Article: Unveiling one of the best hidden vacation spots for 2023: 6 things to do when you visit lavender fields!

Unveiling one of the best hidden vacation spots for 2023: 6 things to do when you visit lavender fields!

Unveiling one of the best hidden vacation spots for 2023: 6 things to do when you visit lavender fields!

When formulating our Lavender Soulstice 'Air' Candle, we took inspiration from our nearby lavender fields like the Fork & Plow Lavender Farm. The calming aroma of our candle transports you to the tranquil sunsets over the farm fields, lake and mountains.

When you breathe in the lavender wellness molecule from the candle, the peace and tranquility is overwhelming in the best way. You can imagine a calm breeze sweeping through your mind, blowing away any and all stress as the sweet, tender scent of lavender turns heavy dark clouds to clear blue skies with one perfect, warm wisp. Transport your mind with our candle, or take the travel time and physically experience the lavender fields for yourself!

Fork & Plow Lavender Farm

Fork & Plow Lavender Farm:

Tucked away amongst the rolling hills of Aguanga lies the charming Fork & Plow Lavender Farm. Here, visitors can escape the busy modern life and enjoy a serene and tranquil stay. Extra time usually spent on a busy work commute, or last minute breakfast in the kitchen can instead be spent practicing meditation, and relaxation while enjoying our beautiful Earth. 

Bungalow Stays

Bungalow Stays:

Having the same busy morning ritual can become exhausting, but visiting Fork & Plow is like a restorative therapy for those looking for inner peace in nature. Bookings are available during the spring and summer season in time with the harvest. The quaint bungalows and abundant amenities provided by the farm will have you never wanting to leave!

The View at the Lavender Farm

The View at the Farm:

Upon arrival at the farm, visitors are greeted by the stunning aroma of lavender fields. The farm boasts acres of breathtaking lavender, each overflowing in beautiful shades of purple. As you stroll through the fields, you'll breathe in the crisp, fresh scent of lavender, which calms your mind and reduces stress. With the magnificent scenery and stunning views, it's easy to leave the world behind, restore your wellness, and have a moment of peace and tranquility. Visitors can also ask their host for carrots to feed the goats – named Bella and Tunip!

Sunflowers in Bloom at the Lavender Farm

You Can Take the Farm Home:

At the farm shop, visitors can find all sorts of lavender products, from lavender salts and cookies to soaps and lotions. These handmade products are of high quality and are made with the farm's very own lavender harvest. Guests can take home a small piece of the farm with them as a reminder of their experience. They are also welcome to cut their own bouquet of fresh sunflowers or lavender when in bloom. In the same way, we want our candle to be a morsel of these fields that you light from wherever you are.

Farm Cafe Treats:

After exploring the lavender fields and purchasing some farm-made items, visitors can take a break in the farm's café. Here, you can enjoy some delicious treats and refreshing beverages while taking in the view. Whether you prefer a hot cup of tea or a cooling iced coffee, the café has something for everyone to enjoy.Fork & Plow Farm Cafe

We are grateful to have simple pleasures like these, and like to remember to enjoy them each day! With a quick lighting of a wick, remind yourself to be grateful for everything - including lavender, and let its calming power ease any worries or anxieties that may loom.  

Tents at the Fork & Plow Lavender Farm

A Bit About the Bungalows:

The perfect end to the perfect day can be completed with a stay in the “May” or “June” tent. The charming bell tents are opened to the lavender fields for even more relaxation and mindfulness meditation. A view of the mountains, Vail Lake and beautiful sunsets can be enjoyed from the private patio space, perfect to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine with your quietly crackling lavender candle. Conveniently across from the tent is The Powder Room, where guests can take advantage of a hot mineral shower and the farm’s Lavender & Olive Oil Soaps. 

Lavender can be infused in many products

More About Infusing Lavender:

Lavender can be infused into so many products so you have the power to surround yourself with tranquil aroma all the time. Lavender’s calming properties are near endless, which is why we call it a functional fragrance. To learn more in depth about our Bulgarian Lavender wellness molecule, visit our Wellness Journal, where we offer tips and knowledge about a plethora of things for candle connoisseurs and those seeking to learn more about wellness in general.

What to do when visiting the lavender fields

What to do When Visiting Lavender Fields:

  1. Take a stroll: take a leisurely walk through the fields and enjoy the calming effects of the lavender.
  2. Picnic: pack a picnic basket and enjoy a meal among the fields. The peaceful surrounding will make for a truly relaxing experience.
  3. Photography: The lavender fields make for a stunning backdrop for photos. Bring your camera and capture some beautiful memories.
  4. Yoga or meditation: fina a quiet spot in the fields and practice yoga or meditation. The soothing scent of the lavender will help you relax and find your inner peace.
  5. Shop at the farm store: take home a piece of Fork & Plow Lavender Farms with you by visiting the farm store.
  6. Enjoy lavender treats: indulge in some lavender-infused treats at the farm’s cafe. From lavender lemonade to lavender ice cream, there’s something for everyone.

This farm, just like our Lavender Soulstice Candle, is a sanctuary of peace, relaxation, and beauty – and the reviews say it all. The purpose behind our lavender candle is to be able to experience the same from any destination. Bring the sanctuary of lavender fields with you wherever you light your candle and find peace and relaxation in your own home with the swipe of a match. 

Inspired by the Elements of Nature:

This functional fragrance inspired by the element of Air is one of many that we offer - so be sure to take a look at our other element inspired candles! Cloud Forest - inspired by the Earth element, Canyon Sanctuary - inspired by the Water element, and Fireside Comfort - inspired by the Fire element, are all infused with our wellness molecules and offer unique benefits for your mind and body without containing any toxins.

We take pride in transparency and want you to be informed about what you are burning and breathing, which is why we write in our Wellness Journal about all of our ingredients, and the inspirations that led us to them. 

Images & Sources: 

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