About Four Truffles

Founder Backstory

Growing up I witnessed the impact of having a broken family. Through my experiences it was the women in my life who stepped up to give me a better life. Through this I have a special place in my heart and determination in my mind to find ways of supporting women & children who are in crisis like I was.

I believe that when you help one woman, you help an entire family and perhaps a community. I have worked with a variety of communities and charities through the years. This is my mission and where the circle of goodness began.

Our Vision

My vision is making a positive impact to the lives of women. I have been able to work with the Berber women from Morocco. This is where I started to purchase Argan oil produced by them.

Also working with the T’boli tribe of women known as the “Dreamweavers” where our past projects impacted villages of 500 people by providing collaborative work. Along the way I got to listen to their stories & this strengthened my mission.

Our Commitment

I am very passionate about the work I do as the products created can be used as vehicles for a greater good. We continue to support local charities supporting women and children in crisis throughout the South Bay and globally.

Our product collections are formulated with the finest ingredients, and meant to awaken our senses that allow us to enjoy the moments or the memories that bring us peace, love and joy. Our commitment to the planet extends to our packaging, which is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Our Inspiration

Our collection features four fragrances, each inspired by one of the elements: Air, Earth, Fire & Water. We believe in the power of candles to evoke emotions and create meaningful experiences.

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day, to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, or to set the mood for a romantic evening, our candles are the perfect choice. Rest comfortably and allow the elements-inspired fragrances create your extraordinary personal sanctuary.

“Our message of hope & love is meant to

encourage, uplift and be a light in someone’s life.

We hope you will join us in sharing this message”

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