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Scents that make your house smell like a home

Each candle is handcrafted with love, using only the finest: natural coconut soy wax, crackling wood wicks, and infused with only the highest quality essential oils.

Founder Backstory

Ana Soriano's mission is to honor the resilience of the women who raised and guided her, through purpose-driven products that give hope and opportunities to others.
Inspired by both the hard work and sacrifice of the women in her life, and her four "truffles", faith, hope, love and spirituality, that give her strength and clarity, Ana aims to impart a sense of home and wellbeing through each product that she creates, while positively impacting the surroundings and lives of those who experience them.

Our Vision

Through scent, a sense of calm, and anchoring us to our deepest recollections of comfort, Four Truffles creates a feeling of home no matter where we may be.
Each Four Truffles candle is infused with proprietary wellness molecules, a defining feature of the brand that work as an effective stress reliever and mood enhancer, uplifting the environment to create a more relaxing space.

Our Commitment

We believe that when you support one woman, you uplift an entire community. Through professional opportunities, financial resources and consistent community outreach both locally and abroad, Four Truffles is committed to supporting women and children in crisis find hope, peace and a sense of home while building emotional strength and financial independence.

Our Inspiration

Four Truffles is a line that makes any place feel reminiscent of home - a safe space and solace regardless of what is happening in the world. This ideal sense of home is a place of peace, happiness and contentment found through subtle yet familiar notes plucked from nature and the elements: earth, air, fire and water.