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Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer Duo

Sale price$36.00

Perfect for: Trimming & Snuffing

SNUF IT: Safely extinguish your candles with an elegant candle snuffer. Whilst the wax is still liquid, extinguish your candle with a candle snuffer to completely stop the wick from burning. 

TRIM IT: Trimming down your wick to proper height after burning. This helps to reduce soot when burning and extends the life of your candle.

Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer Duo
Candle Snuffer & Wick Trimmer Duo Sale price$36.00



Snuff it & Trim it

How to snuff: Simply hold above flame to safely put your candle out and improve the longevity of your candle by keeping the wick in place?

How to trim: Trim your wick to the proper ¼” wick length to maximize the burn time of your candle. Place the bottom the wick trimmer flush with the surface of the candle and then tilt the trimmer forward to a 45 degree angle to get the proper ¼” wick length.


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🔮 Velvet Sky
As the flame of our Velvet Sky candle burns, indulge in the luxurious allure with every flicker. The top notes of bergamot & lemon add a clean elegance. Mid notes of jasmine & spearmint add elegance. Base notes of juniper berry & vanilla provide a refreshing and calming foundation. Elevate your space with opulence. A candle that sets the stage for memorable moments.

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