A Letter from Our Founder

Four Truffles was inspired to create products that are crafted with wholesome ingredients and with the labor of love.  The meaning behind Four Truffles is what makes us different. We are more than food for the soul, more beautiful inside and more meaningful beyond a lifetime. Through our home fragrance collection, we share our faith, hope, love and set our sight on eternity.  We are Four Truffles…we are made by love. 

Why I started Four Truffles and the Story behind the Women Helping Women Philosophy. 

Growing up I witnessed the impact of having a broken family, separated to find survival for basic life necessities such as putting food on the table and having a roof over one’s head.  Through this experience, I saw how the women in my life stepped up and sacrificed to find the means for a better life. Because there was no opportunity in our local community, my mother had to leave the family to migrate across the world leaving her children behind. For me, this was the moment when the reality of hardship truly began. A broken family causes a chain reaction of challenges and sadly it is the root of why communities face multiple problems - crime, domestic violence, child abuse, and the list goes on.  I lived through this and survived it but it left a special place in my heart and strong determination in my mind to find ways to support women and children who are in crisis like I was.   

Women - especially Mothers are heart-centered beings who hold the family together and who will do everything in their power to see their children have a better life.  And so, I truly believe that when you help one woman, you help an entire family and perhaps an entire community. So I began to seek ways to be a part of a circle of goodness that will empower women and children. By making a conscious effort in creating a company that can be a conduit in a circle of giving we can make an impact.

I started getting involved in local charities, after all, I believe this is the closest place to “home” - the family unit. Running my business and doing hands-on charity work that benefits several women’s organizations was a huge endeavor- physically and mentally, but at the end of each year, it was gratifying to see the faces of the women and children who benefited.  

From a global standpoint, I was able to work with Berber women from one of Morocco’s local cooperatives where we purchase our argan oil supply. Also in the Philippines working with the T’boli tribe of women known as the “Dreamweavers”, where our project impacted villages of 500 people by providing livelihood weaving textiles and manufacturing finished goods. Hearing stories from women in these different regions validated the importance of family.  These women shared stories of how they strive hard to create opportunities locally because they want to keep their families together.  They want to provide opportunities for their children locally so they don’t have to leave to find it somewhere else. Family and traditions are so important to maintain and this principle holds true no matter what part of the world one comes from.

I have been incredibly blessed to be able to work in an industry that I am very passionate about and to make products that can be used as vehicles for the greater good. We continue to support local charities supporting women and children in crisis throughout the South Bay and globally. Our product collections are formulated with the finest ingredients and are meant to awaken our senses that allow us to enjoy the moments or the memories that bring us peace, love, and joy.  Our message of hope & love is meant to encourage, uplift, and be a light in someone’s life.  We hope you will join us in sharing this message.

With my best,

Ana Soriano
Founder of Four Truffles

The T’boli Tribe in the Philippines

A group photo of  woman of The T’boli Tribe in the Philippines gathered in their workplace where they weave fabric
A photo of a woman of The T’boli Tribe in the Philippines weaving red and yellow string to make a patterned fabric
A photo of a woman of The T’boli Tribe in the Philippines weaving blue and white string to make a patterned fabric
A group photo of several women of The T’boli Tribe in the Philippines weaving string to make fabric  A photo of a woman of The T’boli Tribe in the Philippines weaving string to make fabric