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Unplug Sound Bath with Jamie Makeup Led by Kristina Joy

unplug meditation studio
WHO: Kristina Joy, Jamie Makeup, Four Truffles

We had a great sound bath event at unplug meditation studio in Los Angeles! Kristina Joy led an amazing sound bath that helped us release stress we hold onto everyday, and focus on being intentional about our mindsets. Her amazing sound journey helped us all find peace and relaxation in the middle of our busy weeks.

We were also joined by our AMAZING friend Jamie - we love her so much! Her energy is everything - so funny, sweet and positive. We thank her for seriously helping us organize this event and gather her friends as well so we could all meet new people and enjoy some fellowship together!

She introduced and donated her lasted Bloss+ which is an absolute favorite of ours, and we donated some goodies as well for our guests to go home with. Her favorite candle of ours (and our best seller), Fireside Comfort, our diffuser, essential oils set, and pillow sachet were all revealed and gifted to each guest. We are so happy to get our products into the hands of more people - we truly just want to help calm you from the inside out. 

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