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Natural. Organic. 100% Vegetarian. No Animal Testing. Paraben Free. Hypoallergenic. Made in the U.S.A. Indigenous Ingredients. Eco-Centric. Women4Women. Dermatologist Tested. Ideal for Sensitive Skin.


Four Truffles strives to serve as a conduit for a cycle of goodness around the world. We work directly with women-owned argan Forest collectives in Morocco to get the best oil possible for our products while simultaneously helping improve the social and economic status of the rural women in those regions who strive to maintain a heritage of natural harvesting traditions to support their land and community.

The women cooperatives use traditional means of harvesting and producing argan oil by hand to preserve the trees, land and its resources. It is the only acceptable way of acquiring the oil to this day because it preserves the argan forest and provides socioeconomic benefits to the community, especially the women. It is a major source of income and opportunity for personal growth for these local women who leverage both to access better education and business skills that allow them to flourish, be confident and provide for their families and community.

Most of these women in far remote places of the world have no idea that what they're doing has such a greater good when in reality, their personal and local impact translates to assistance for women in children in the United States too. Once we have our finished body care products, we turn around and give back 10% to local women and children’s charities in the United States and abroad, which makes us feel like we’ve become a conduit between all these wonderful women. It all comes full circle, where women across the world are helping each other, transforming small village efforts into a unified global community of giving.

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The number "Four" represents Creation while "Truffles" are a metaphor for the beauties in life.

In our quest to share the blessings graciously given to us, we humbly extend our support to the organizations that have inspired us tremendously including PV Juniors in the South Bay area, Bridges of Hope in South Africa, Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Palos Verdes Peninsula, and growing a kingdom that our Creator would be proud of. Each of the Four Truffles has been dedicated to the Love, Hope, Faith, and Eternity


Four Truffles is a woman-owned, women-run skincare brand created by women, for women and their families. We believe that women are born with an innate sense of family, community and unity. We strive to tie those elements together to help unify the world from the inside out - with the bonds of love, hope, faith, eternity.

We travel the world in search of ingredients and packaging materials that unite the world and its resources. Since we’re a brand that celebrates being a woman and our love for others, we believe that exceptional women and nature’s vast resources make our product offering a labor of love. We hope to better the lives of women and their families, one product at a time.


Four Truffles believes that all our lives are interwoven. We each affect and effect one another’s well being and environment. No matter what culture or socio-economic status, as women we want to unite the world and its resources. We call this Tribunity - uniting the world into one tribe.